Foss Marketing Group has redesigned the business web site for Roseville CA area family dentists, Yamamoto & Lee ( We created a new, custom branded WordPress theme for their WordPress CMS-based primary business web site.

Our primary focus of the redesign was to increase the user experience of the Yamamoto & Lee brand. This presented an interesting challenge as the dentists wanted their site to maintain their personal and low-key personalities while conducting the business of a successful dental practice with a Web 3.0 delivery.


Our web site and custom WordPress theme focus included:

  • Modernize the design of the site overall
  • Use more images to promote specific services
  • Add larger images to share the natural beauty of the views of and from the dental office
  • Improve the navigation systems to make it easier to find services
  • Fixed a broken navigation that created from a conflict between the old WordPress theme and newer CMS versions
  • Make more obvious and diverse ways to contact the practice
  • Keep ties to the original design/branding concepts with color and texture choices
  • Responsive design for mobile devices


Outcomes since the new theme went live:

  • More visitors spend more time on the site per session. The average time per session is up 30%.
  • More efficient use of the site – reduced need to click on additional pages to find contact information.
  • Improved search engine traffic. The new theme better supports the SEO efforts.

See the below and after images.


Foss Marketing Group, Inc has been working with Yamamoto and Lee Family Dentists since September of 2010, providing continuous online marketing services.

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