Operation-Warrior-Wishes-LogoWe could not be more excited or proud to announce Foss Marketing Group is now donating social media management, SEO and web site marketing services to a new national charity, Operation Warrior Wishes, also known as All32In17.


This charity started a year ago as just a dream between a father and son to visit all 32 NFL stadiums together for an actual game during the 2012 season, and do it in the 17 game regular season. But, not just to enjoy the moment alone, they vowed to find and bring a wounded military veteran and their family with them to give back and say thank you to those that served and sacrificed for the country.

Matt and his father Craig began last September with limited means, driving from their suburban Chicago homes each weekend to where ever their planned game for the week was. Sometimes they could fly. Other times they could not. They have full time jobs. This was just a dream, a vision. It didn’t start out to be a charity. But soon their story was being told.

By the end of last season they had accomplished their goal. They visited all 32 stadiums and were picking up free tickets then to the playoffs and the Superbowl. The father and son dream then became a full-fledged non-profit charity organization, raising hopes, dreams and money for wounded warriors and sharing those funds with other wounded vet charities.

We are so proud to say that Foss Marketing Group is supporting this charity. For us donating our time to help their cause helps us at the ‘soul level.’ It allows us to say thank you to those that have sacrificed, and being about sports, the NFL, and visiting football stadiums as a personal bucket list adventure… well, what All32In17 does blends all those things together for us.

And they’ve added a new goal of trying to raise $1,000,000 dollars (#MillionDollarMission) that will be shared between the 15 Boston Marathon amputee victims and with other wounded veterans charities. To that end, Matt and Craig have something amazing and special planned for the New England Patriots home opener on September 12 that no one will want to miss.

Matt continues to work his full time job. Neither Matt nor Craig are looking to personally benefit financially. Their hearts are wide open and they are truly genuine in their wish to help others. We had to support that. We’re thrilled to be on the ground floor of something unique and special and to help Matt and Craig achieve their goals.

So please go and visit their web site, donate what you can, Like their Facebook page and follow their Twitter. They are on Instagram too.


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