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Since 2001, FOSSmg, a full-service online marketing agency in Roseville CA, has built online brands, created effective business web sites, and has driven online traffic to web sites and social networks using SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click and online advertising and marketing research. We work with brands and businesses from start-ups and local, to established and global across a wide variety of industries.

We are equally committed to having a thorough understanding of the vast universe of online marketing, social media, Internet advertising, web design and beyond.  We want to be smarter than our competition, and we share that knowledge with you so that you can be smarter than yours.

A Passion for Authenticity

We love what we do. It’s cool. The Internet. Computers. Mobile devices. Social media. Creativity. Psychology. Math. The drive for market leadership every day. Every day we are solving a different problem. It’s always changing and it’s never boring. What’s not to love?! But underlying all of those things, what we love about online marketing is the opportunity to connect with people. And today, people connect with authentic messages and brands that show they’re real people. It’s about building trust. And in our line of work, building trust with our clients is paramount for a successful client-agency relationship.

Building Trust with Clients Since 2001

Our Goal is to create long-term partnerships with our clients. We believe in loyalty and commitment. Our commitment is to give you 110%. We want to see the fruits of our labor and be a part of your success.

INTEGRITY. LOYALTY. TRUST. RESPONSIVENESS. RESPONSIBILITY. These are not just words to us. These are pillars of our business philosophy. Get to know us and you’ll see quickly that we mean what we say, we walk our talk, and we deliver on our promises. That’s how we define “the Exponential Difference.”

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We are passionate about marketing and advertising for our clients and we’re not afraid to say so.

Embrace our fearless expression. It’s our fearlessness that enables the skill and creativity needed to make a positive impact on the people you want to engage.

Our clients love the way we get their business selling online. What’s our secret? We love what we do and we care about our clients.

We care about our clients’ business, how it’s doing, and how they are doing as people. And our clients love the way we explain online marketing from an objective and consultative manner. We have their backs. These characteristics are authentic. They demonstrate how we prefer to do business with our clients.

This is precisely what you will experience when you work with FOSSmg.

In the virtual world, building that trust is a new art and a new science, and FossMG knows how to get you there.

At FossMG, we practice what we preach. Our goal, which is a simple reflection of who we are as people, is to build trust with you, and maintain that trust again and again.

One way we do that is that we do not recommend or “sell” anything that isn’t intended to be what is truly right for you, your business or your customers. Our solutions, strategies, and creative ideas are a result of knowing you, your business business, your target markets, the customers you are trying to reach.

There’s nothing “cookie-cutter” about how we execute your marketing because their is nothing “cookie-cutter” about how you do business. Ultimately, the prize we have our eyes on is to help you generate happy, satisfied customers and clients. We want your customers to rave about how much your products and services rock, of course.

We also want people to rave about how great your web site experience is. We want you to get a constant flow of feedback about how much they enjoy following your excellent content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or where ever.

We want you to hear that your fans feel they really know who you are and why they have given you their trust. We know how important all of this is to a company’s brand today. This is not lip service. This is real service.

We take “trust” seriously. It truly means everything to us.

We know there is a good chance you are coming to us after a previous bad experience with someone else. That is why building trust is so critical. Everyone has been burned. Our promise to you: We deliver what we promise. We don’t promise what we cannot deliver.

It is not just our mission to build trust with you, but it is our mission to help you build trust with your clients and customers.

We respect that you are paying us to do the right thing the first time on your behalf.

Our goal is always to make smart decisions based upon good information so that whatever we are doing for you is done right the first time.

We are successful because we know the right questions to ask at the start of any project or engagement. That’s a a big part of what we mean by “the F Factor.” We’re not going to be perfect, no one is, but we strive for perfection each and every day.

It’s Your Reputation. It’s Our Reputation.

Among the core things that take place “at the end of the day,” one of them is that your business’ reputation, your brand, is on the line each and every day. When you work with FOSSmg, it’s our job to help you protect and grow your brand.

And at the end of the day, it’s our reputation too. Delivering what we promise right the first time sure helps us protect both.

We are marketers first and technocrats second. We understand critical measures of business success. Our focus is on your company, your brand, your customers, your customers’ satisfaction, and your business results (aka sales, roi, and other key business metrics).

We do not design for the sake of a cool design. We do not recommend technologies, code, or platforms just because they are the latest rage. We do what is right and best for your company and your customers. We lead with a “marketer’s mind-set,” and use the right technology and solutions to support your goals.

Experienced Marketers Deliver with Effective Online Marketing Strategies

We think of ourselves as an expert, future-forward, and professional band of players at FossMG. We put our skills and talent to work for your business. Using our extensive experience as marketing researchers and expert marketing strategists, combined with our expert command of web design, online marketing best practices and hot trends, we design and execute a custom marketing plan tailored for your website and your critical business and sales goals.

Three of the FossMG Core Tenants – Or Themes within Our Anthem…

  1. Creative
  2. Data-Driven
  3. Objective

Pardon the pun, but you might say, we’re experts that know the score.

Two of the core aspects that make FossMG different from anyone else:

1. We Understand the Wide Online Marketing & Advertising Landscape

FossMG gets it. From branding and design, to search engine optimization; from web design and open-source content management systems to how Facebook and Twitter make sense for business. And we explain it in a way that makes sense to you and together, we make smart marketing investments in the right solutions the first time.

Also, we get “branding “and we think of your brand as if we were on Madison Avenue… but at a much more affordable investment.

2. We Are Business, Financial, Operational, HR, and Sales Experts

We have worked for major companies actually selling, actually helping Global and Fortune 500 companies market, brand, recruit, retain, and improve their business process. We focus on how the web helps you perform better.

And when it comes to things like e-commerce, merchant services, payment gateways, tax collection, invoicing and payment collection practices etc, we know how to execute for you and we know how to advise you.

We are the kind of Internet marketing and web design agency you have been dreaming of. You found us! So delay no longer.

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