Email marketing consistently proves to be the lowest cost, highest yield marketing or advertising channel. Every day wasted not growing, cultivating and communicating with customers and prospects who already trust you is another day left for the competition to reach them with similar offers first. And remember Business School 101: “Repeat business is always easier and cheaper to acquire over new business.”

Organically grown email lists are made up of people that have already heard about you, are already a customer (or used to be), and have opted-in to allow businesses to communicate with them. The barriers to awareness and attention to offers are typically smaller and resistance to purchasing is commonly much lower.

eMail consistently provides businesses with the best marketing investment opportunity next to WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) or personal referrals. That means, it typically drives the lowest cost-per-conversion or acquisition of any external marketing effort. eMail marketing quickly communicate sales, offers, downloads, jobs, and other offers to an audience that already opted to talk to you and is more receptive to your information because they are already a fan of yours. The time is now to cultivate your customers for emails, grow your email database, and improve your use of email for repeat customer engagement, return purchases, and referrals to their networks.

  • Drive motivated, new business visitors

  • Brand you to your audience the way you always wanted

  • Give customers reasons to return and engage you more frequently

  • Help offload tedious business processes or inquiries through cutting-edge

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools and technology

  • Create a huge noise in your market

  • Deliver Results: Sales, Subscribers, Downloads, Requests for Quotes, and more…

Remind your customers, prospects, subscribers, employees, whomever…why you are fantastic. Get or keep their business instead of enabling the competition with opportunities to take them from you. It costs virtually nothing compared to any other online, offline, traditional or unconventional marketing or advertising media.


Erik is the Founder and President of FOSSmg (Foss Marketing Group, Inc.), a full service online marketing and advertising agency specializing in web site design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email marketing, branding, design, and marketing research.

Founded in 2001, Erik spends each and every day providing great companies, small and large from around the globe with excellent marketing and advertising solutions…solutions that make an impact.

Erik is also a husband, a father to four amazing children, an avid sports fan, movie fan, and has spent much of his life playing, singing, writing and recording original rock music.

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