Why Use Pay Per Click or Online Ads

Pay Per Click Advertising Is a Proven Low Cost Sales Leader. The Internet and Search Engines are proven advertising, branding, and revenue driving channels superseding telemarketing, direct mail, radio, and other forms of traditional, one-to-one marketing and advertising media.

The companies succeeding online with Pay Per Click, Paid Inclusion, Sponsored Link, and Display or Banner Advertising are those that are not testing the Internet to see if it works, but instead are embracing it as a critical, central marketing and advertising channel because it drives millions of online searchers to web sites leading to millions of dollars of new business being transacted every day.

  • Immediate, day one, top of page 1 search engine results page (SERP) exposure.

  • Reach a targeted audience anywhere in the world who are actively searching for your business.

  • Brand your company for your targeted keywords plus thousands of other long tail phrases that take longer with seo.

  • Reach more keyword searches immediately, much faster than SEO efforts.

  • Gain incredible insights into your customers’ behaviors, useful in other marketing and sales efforts.

  • Easy continuous testing and improvement.
  • You have complete and total control over your:

  • Content/messaging.

    • Keywords/phrases your ads are delivered against.

    • Landing pages designated for new traffic.

    • Budget…we’ll help you stay right on your monthly budget.

    • Geographic, demographic, and psychographic targeting.

  • Measure critical search behaviors and actual sales. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is focused on the bottom line.

  • Robust metrics help search optimization, site improvement, and other marketing efforts.

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