Your Business Depends Upon SEO Like You Depend Upon Air.

Are you sitting down? Google alone delivers 2,281,589 search results every minute of every hour of every day worldwide. That’s just Google! Still don’t think potential customers are searching for you? Respectfully, we ask you to think again.

Everyone on the planet that you’d want as a customer uses a search engine at least once daily. Right now, at this very moment, people are searching for you.

Getting your site optimized leads to visits from people that are actively looking for you and ready to purchase. The clicks you get are FREE.

If you don’t have a web site; If you don’t have an attractive web site; If you don’t have an optimized web site… you are just plain losing business to your competition that does.

The questions you need to be asking yourself are:

Do they find me? Am I on Page #1? Or am is my site lost on Page number “Too Late”?

We’re not talking about searches for your company name. 99% of your buying audience don’t know your name. So are you dominating for the common phrases most people search for?

What happens after they find you? Are people compelled to click? If so, do they stay long enough to capture them? How many leads and sales are you getting for the phrases you should be found for? Do you know how much in sales that could be delivering monthly? Do you know?

And before you send us a Facebook message saying,”Hey Erik, my web site is already on Page 1, and I don’t need SEO,” just make sure of one thing first. When you are logged into your Google, Yahoo! or Bing accounts (most of us are), your search results are customized to your behaviors. All your “test” searches you conduct and the clicks to your own site you give yourself actually skew your personalized search results. You will see yourself on page one because you are always searching for yourself.

Log out. Run those searches again. THOSE are the results everyone ACTUALLY gets. So now you’re picking up the phone to call us, right? We can’t wait to help you.

Your Business Must Be Found On Google Page 1 NOW! Call FossMG today to get found.

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