Image of a question mark with "SEO" asking, "What is SEO?"

SEO is the process by which a web site’s pages are found “organically” by the search engines (like Google) for targeted keywords.

When Google delivers one or more of your site’s pages as a result, the click you get from it is free.

In order for your web site to be found for a search on a search engine, it must contain the popular phrases that people actually use. Therefore, the written word rules search engine optimization, and thus, why “content marketing” has become a significant focus for online marketing success.

Image file of Anatomy of a SERP - Learn the Core Areas of a Search Engine Results PageEffective SEO is not just “technical” like meta tags, link exchanges, or search engine submissions. It’s really about marketing, content that engages search engines AND humans, great site design, good information architecture and navigation, user-friendly web sites, blogging, social network integrations, data analytics, recognizing opportunity found from data, courage, creativity, patience, and strategy.

SEO takes time. You must understand this. This is a universally understood and accepted fact. You must develop and implement, then you must wait for results which are not guaranteed and don’t happen overnight.

You can’t pay Google to love your web site. Google must trust what you publish is true before it starts to deliver your web pages as a result. Remember, their business is to deliver reliable and relevant search results to their customers. Their job is not to put YOU on page one. It’s our job to know what Google wants and to know how to execute for you.

Successful web site optimization does not just lead to more search results and visits from Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines. Optimization and content strategies are used to get found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other high volume sites whose users conduct billions of searches on monthly. Yes. You read that right. Billions. Not a typo and not a joke.

Your Web Site Must Get Optimized Now! (You should seriously call us now.)

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