Caden Gregory - Logo Design

The Challenge

An experienced Sacramento area radio personality had plans to expand the reach of his acting and vocal talents. Caden sought more voice over acting and screen acting opportunities. Mr Gregory approached Foss Marketing Group to both develop a brand for himself, as well as to build a web site to be used to promote his multiple talents to directors and talent scouts across the country.

The challenge was how to capture in a brand (that is, in a singular logo design) the variety of skill set he offers. How do you brand a fledgling actor and voice over artist with a strong history as a radio personality? That’s why he chose FossMG.

The Solution

We approached Caden’s branding challenge using our brand development processes that help us understand the breadth of what Caden wanted to accomplish and the perception he wanted to create in the market. We used our development process that allows for creative freedom while helping to quickly understand what direction not to take.

Our process includes a fairly rigorous questionnaire and multiple conversations about likes, dislikes, competitors, favorite styles, target audience appeal, colors, fonts, potential tag lines and more.

We presented Caden with several rounds of logo designs. We began with a set of 12 different ideas and some of those 12 had variations to them. Mr. Gregory’s task was to figure out which one he liked best. “You sure are not making this easy for me,” he would often say back to us.

Ultimately, Caden selected the logo with the four icons, the script style font and the optional text reflection. He chose this icon because it was inclusive of the four core facets of his talent skill set. We agreed with his choice as it provided immediate opportunities to extend that brand using the individual icons to the web design, which would be our next project for Caden.

Branding Solutions


Utilized our rigorous branding process that includes an indepth questionnaire, multiple conversations and a continuous feedback loop.

Delivered Multiple Designs

Provided several rounds and multiple design concepts to the client to ensure all possible ideas were considered.

Produced the Final Brand Selection

Upon the client’s final selection, we provided polished versions for  a wide variety of branding and marketing purposes.

Foss Marketing has been a tremendous help.  When I approached them with a branding challenge I had no idea what to expect.  FossMG, and Erik Foss in particular, made the process as easy as possible by finding out what I wanted to achieve through branding first.  Then we worked together to build a successful and sustainable market strategy customized for my needs.  Affordable and effective, I intend to maintain my relationship with Foss Marketing for the foreseeable future.

Caden Gregory

Actor, Voice Over Artist, Radio Personality



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