Ace Garage Door Services Logo Design

The Challenge

Family owned, 25 year local garage door installation company planned to expand their old company name and reach. They changed their name to Ace Garage Door Services and needed a new logo and web site. The owner gave FossMG the trust to design their new brand.

The challenge was how to portray the professionalism and expertise of a long-standing, well-known service provider, while incorporating their personality and integrating a name with many characters.

The Solution

We began the branding design process using our detailed questionnaire that helps us understand and keep track of the wants, needs, and requirements the client provided. Our brand development process provides a framework for structuring the execution while allowing us the creative freedom we want.

The client completed our detailed questionnaire, and we conducted multiple conversations about their likes, dislikes, competitors, favorite styles, target audience appeal, colors, fonts, potential tag lines and more.

We delivered nearly two dozen design concepts initially, all of which Ace’s owners found on target and very appealing. We made their choice very hard to make, but one logo design stood out immediately as their favorite. Ultimately, the logo design they selected was the one that “spoke to them” strongest initially. Before we knew it, it was screen printed on their new work shirts! With the logo design completed, we had the centerpiece to their web site color scheme and branding, which we built next.

Complete Brand Identity

First we want you to know that we love all the designs you came up with. We’re so impressed with how much effort and creativity you’ve put into each one of them.

After a lot of discussion and contemplation over the weekend, we’ve decided to go with the emblem design. We thought about when the three of us discussed how we would need to be “married” to it for a long time and be really happy with it for years to come.

When it came right down to it, we feel that was the one that had the most visual impact, had the most versatility for our needs, and overall truly gave us the best initial feeling during your presentation.

Sam Bird

Owner, Ace Garage Door Services, Inc.



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