Designed to Keep Visitors After the Click

Great business web sites do 3 things:

1. Engage Prospects. 2. Get Found on Google. 3. Convert Visitors into Buyers & Brand Evangelists.

And one more thing: They pay for themselves hundreds of times over.

FossMG designs and builds web sites for businesses, retailers, professionals, non-profits, and artisans that does exactly that.

Our web sites are designed to attract and motivate the humans you want and the search engines you need. And we are equally, if not more, concerned about what happens AFTER the visitor finds your web site.

We build web sites that keep visitors longer, direct them where to go next and what they need to do next. People will engage your FossMG designed web site because our branding and content focus explains your business. And search engines will know what to rank your pages for because we built the site ready for SEO.

Our goal for you is that your FossMG designed and constructed business web site builds your brand, drives revenue, and creates trust with the people you need to reach.

We want you to get feedback from your fans like, “We loved your web site. It was easy to figure out, safe to shop from and attractive too!”

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